A Guide to Art, Museums and Gallery Curation Techniques

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Art and Exhibitions

Exhibitions are the major way that artists display their works to the public and start to build a following for what they produce. As cities around the world work to relaunch themselves in the post-industrial era, opening exhibition halls, galleries, and museums has been one of the main ways that they have tried to move forward. This has created huge opportunities for new artists as there is now significantly more gallery space to fill than there once was.

This site is a guide to getting art into an exhibition and to finding an exhibition that is of interest the next time you go travelling.

Finding a good exhibition

Most cities have tourist information websites that give information on the galleries and museums that are in their city. These tend to be regularly updated with details of travelling exhibitions and temporary shows that are taking place. It is well worth taking a look at a few of these sites before booking a trip so that you are fully aware of what is going on.

Getting into an exhibition

The best way to start having your art shown is to build links in the art community in your local area. Museum curators tend to come to people that they already know when they are putting an exhibition together and getting one of these people to put in a good word for you is a great way to start climbing up the greasy pole of the art world. It may not be the Tate but it's definitely a good start. Not all artists need museums to showcase their work. An increasingly popular form of art is graphic design. Graphic designers use technology to create their masterpieces. You can find their work on TV, movies, video games, and online casino games.